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  1. Demonichell

    Dawn of Man Trainer

    +1 for update
  2. Demonichell

    Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands Trainer

    Unlimited resource doesn't work.
  3. Demonichell

    Farmer's Dynasty

  4. Demonichell

    Req: Surviving Mars - Trainer

    Never the less +SUPPORT I think they patched my methode
  5. Demonichell

    Req: Surviving Mars - Trainer

    You can cheat it with Cheat Engine How To: Just call a resource rocket and when you have to insert which resources you want delivered like 10 food, search for 10 (4 byte) till you get 1 value etc. Then save that value (Don't change it yet) And do the same for the next resource. Then once you...
  6. Demonichell

    Northgard Trainer

    +1 update
  7. Demonichell

    [Request] Kingdom Come: Deliverance Trainer

    You can cheat money with Cheat Engine The money is 4 Byte 1 "Groschen" = Value 10 So if you have 11 "Groschen" = Search for 110 value, and just drop 1 "Groschen" and you should have 10 now, search for 100 now. Keep doing this till you get 2 values.
  8. Demonichell

    Osiris New Dawn Trainer

    Update please.
  9. Demonichell

    Kingdoms And Castles Trainer

  10. Demonichell

    Farmer's Dynasty

    CheatHappens already released it but sadly Its payed shit.
  11. Demonichell

    Farmer's Dynasty

    I dont know how to make a cheat table, but here are the steps Select the game processor Value type = All Scan how much money you got Spend some, or earn some Type new value Continue like this till you only have 2 values or 1 Change them to what value you want Same goes with the social points...
  12. Demonichell

    Farmer's Dynasty

    You can use CheatEngine to cheat money and social points You could also use it to cheat Rest and hunger with Unknown Initial value and then Increased/decreased value scans the entire time After you cheat those stuff. You can enable speedhack and repair fast.
  13. Demonichell

    Farmer's Dynasty

  14. Demonichell

    House Flipper Beta

    House Flipper Beta --------------------------- Store Link: (Game released on ***** and for alpha testers though) Cheats: Money Skill points --------------------------- Thanks in advance!
  15. Demonichell

    Can anyone bypass 30 Caps, Mafia 3?

    I was wondering if someone has found a way for now to bypass the 30 FPS caps on Mafia 3. I know they're working on a patch. But would be appreciated if someone that knows how to bypass it anyway can share his ways with me, us. If this is the wrong section, feel free to move.
  16. Demonichell

    Anno 2205 Trainer

    Update would be appreciated.
  17. Demonichell

    Jalopy Trainer

    Im requesting a trainer for the game Jalopy Mainly I am requesting: INF fuel Money Cheat
  18. Demonichell

    Villagers Trainer

    Well 1.011 is the newest not 1.010. And yes I do have followed the steps
  19. Demonichell

    Villagers Trainer

    Doesnt work for me, the trainer just lags and nothing happens. You sure you got the newest version?
  20. Demonichell

    Villagers Trainer

    Update would be appreciated.