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  1. merlinyo

    still using wemod?

    Seems like he still is and frequently posts things about it. I personally don't like wemod. Rather donate here and get the trainer I actually want. But I could be waiting until I'm 60
  2. merlinyo

    Which programm/programming language

    OLD post but still relevant for some people: Yeah, but how do you bring it down into a launchable program specifically for a game. It's one thing to sit there and figure out the numbers, but to harness those codes and put them into a program you can launch for each game is another story. I feel...
  3. merlinyo

    [Request] - Thief: Deadly Shadows

    Per rules, I'm posting the link to the store page: Cheats I'd like to see (Not necessarily all): ** are the main ones Infinite ammo** Infinite items (potions, mines, etc)** Low or no detection Low or no feeling (from NPC nearby)...
  4. merlinyo

    Trainer for Medal of Honor: Warfighter , Thief 3: Deadly Shadows, HAWX2

    It'd be nice to get a trainer for Thief Deadly Shadows. Requested years ago on wemod, spent all the damn points I had, nothing... now back to playing it, and would like to go through the game feeling like a God xD Tired of downloading viruses