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  1. Chlorax

    West of Loathing

  2. Chlorax

    Company Of Heroes 2 trainer

    Exactly, Single-player Campaign has NO BAN, but Multiplayer (Vs Other players AND Automatch Vs AI) you will. You can do Custom Games of you & Ai vs Ai (It counts as Single-player)
  3. Chlorax

    Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising Trainer

    Yes, it works for the main Dawn of War 2
  4. Chlorax

    Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood Trainer

    Thank you! Works great! No longer have to worry about my teammates dying!
  5. Chlorax

    Majesty 2 Collection

  6. Chlorax

    Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star Request

    +1 Looked far into the internet for any type of code/cheat for this game and found none. I did find the game for $10 on a site though.