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  1. MrsChispa

    some ideas =)

    well guys , i have some ideas for the page!. after many days here i have noticed some things. like ppl dont use the search option, dont create thread like they should (keep posting bad petitions for trainers that they are already been created, not saying ty or demanding, etc) So first. maybe...
  2. MrsChispa

    DiRT showdown FREE go there, if you have an acc, claim it! if...
  3. MrsChispa

    Free games: Ubi30 & Grid

    hello guys, as the tittle says... FREE GAMES!!, hurry up and get them asap... after all, they are free :P first: go to -> if you have an ubisoft acc, go and claim the ubi30 games, if you dont, no problem. create 1 acc, and claim them. here is the list of the...