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  1. FirebAll1

    [REQ] Railroad Corporation

    Hi I would like to request a trainer for money, fast research, Exp point, for this game. I tryed CE, for the money, but it didnt work. :confused: Thx in advance. FirebAll1.
  2. FirebAll1

    Req: TransRoad USA 21,24€ on sale now Would be nice with the following options. Inf. money No Maintenance Increase reputation level. Thx in advance. ;)
  3. FirebAll1

    Req: TransRoad USA

  4. FirebAll1

    [REQ] Cold Waters

  5. FirebAll1

    Batman Arkham Knight Trainer

  6. FirebAll1

    Batman Arkham Knight Trainer

    @MrAntiFun Plz can you update the trainer so it works with v1.4.2.1. Pretty please :)
  7. FirebAll1

    Mad Max Trainer

    Yup, i have allso tested it for an hour or so now, and it still works :-)
  8. FirebAll1

    Mad Max Trainer

    Thx for this nice trainer MAF :-) But by the gods, i would love for that inf. car health to work for player car only. Other than that, the trainer works great. (y) :-) Keep up the outstanding work :-)
  9. FirebAll1

    Crookz - The Big Heist

    +1 Would be very nice, and a money option asswell
  10. FirebAll1

    [REQ] Super Mega Baseball Extra Innings

    Steam: Prize 16,99€ Would be nice with an Allways homerun on/off feature, inf. power, speed, fatuiqe ect. Thx in advance. Keep up the great work.
  11. FirebAll1

    carmageddon reincarnation

    Could we at least get a repley please? MrAntiFun :)
  12. FirebAll1

    carmageddon reincarnation

    +1. Yeah a trainer would be nice with the options unl car upgrade point option unl wepons no damage freeze opponent Thx in advance, and thx for all the great trainers you've made previously. Great Work Mr.A.
  13. FirebAll1

    Project Cars Trainer

    +1 A trainer with always first, and, no damage, tire wear, fuel usage ect. And if possible make the trainer work for campain mode only.
  14. FirebAll1

    [REQ] Mortal Combat X

    Hmm im not able to delete the thread my self... If any Moderator or MrAntifun him self see this thread, please delete it. Thx :-)
  15. FirebAll1

    [REQ] Mortal Combat X

    Lol sory about that.. I did a search for it, but i didn't turn up anything?.. Well ill just delete this thread then.. thx for the reply. ;-)
  16. FirebAll1

    [REQ] Mortal Combat X

    I hope that there vil be made a trainer for this owsome game. Thx in advance. Great Work btw ;-)
  17. FirebAll1

    Stranded Deep Trainer

    I dont think that the trainer is gonna be updated untill the final release af the game.. This i an early access game, and ther is gonnan be lot's of game update untill the final release. So wee just have to be patient, and wait.. What i don't understand though, is that non off the staff nor...