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  1. Mr Bob

    Risk of Rain 2 - Artifacts Update

    Risk of Rain 2 Trainer March 2019 Steam Platform Game Version 4811921 Tested several times - At Main Menu and In Game. Activation of any cheat crashes the game as soon as a match is started.
  2. Mr Bob

    EYE Divine Cybermancy

    I have gotten a new computer and unfortunately the save file I had does not save via Steam Cloud, so now I have to start all over. It's a Source Engine game. PAID -Inf Health -Inf Ammo -No Reload -Infinite Stamina Optional Additions: Infinite Brouzoufs...
  3. Mr Bob

    Killing Floor 2 OffLine

    Inf Ammo Inf HP Inf Money It's an Unreal 3 game. So use that knowledge to what you can. And yes, I realize going online with the trainer is not possible and is stupid. This is purely for OFFline. Make this happen and keep it updated, you'll get alot of donations I'm sure haha
  4. Mr Bob

    VanHelSing 2 and/or TorchLight 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I couldn't find one for Torchlight 2, so why not request one? And since The Vanhelsing games actually aren't all that bad, why not those? Screw it, get to it if/when you can. Doesn't matter. I just hate grinding. HP MP Gold EXP Speed Blah blah blah Thanks for reading! EDIT* Found the...