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    Pray Mooncrash (2018)

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    [REQ] Overload

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    Seven The Days Long Gone Trainer

    Needs now an update to v1.1
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    Tyranny Trainer

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    Rise of the Tomb Raider Trainer

    Got steam killed 668.1_64. F3 was working. At the Old Train Station and it stopped working. Restarted system and no luck. When I press F5 it takes 3 or 4 minutes to engage and does not work.
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    Son of Nor-C O D E X

    what ever!
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    [REQ]Krater Trainer

    +1 for above. Yes Please
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    Assassins Creed Rogue Trainer

    Could you Please add a mission timer freeze. Please!
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    The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Complete v1.3.3D

    Could you please update your v1.3.3b to d please.
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    Warlock 2 - Wrath of the Nagas v2.2.24549

    Your old Warlock 2 The Exiled V2.2.189 Trainer +9 has some cheats working but not all. Thanks Edit: Sorry the version is v2.2.202.24549
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    Blackguards 2 Trainer

    That was quick. Thanks
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    Blackguards 2

    I have Codex version. I think you made a trainer for the first Blackguards, not sure. Thanks
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    Far Cry 4 Trainer

    I'm playing reloaded v1.03 and no problems. But would like to have a mission timer freeze, please. Edit: That could all change after getting Far Cry 4 Proper, will let u know.
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    Far Cry 4 Trainer

    super jump and super speed please. Just like FliNG on Far Cry 3 and were good to go. THX
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    BorderLands The Pre-Sequel Trainer

    Great and fast. Now can you add super jump and run, please.
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    Final Fantasy 13 Trainer

    Thank You Sir!!!!
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    Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor Trainer

    How bout a timer freeze? Trainer works great.
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    Wasteland 2 Trainer

    After I use some action point I enable Inf. Action Points and the trainer locks up (turns pale) and crashes the game. Also the inf. Health does not work. Got hurt and enabled the cheat ended all turns got hurt again and died. Not sure about ammo, haven't got that far.