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    [REQ] Kingdoms and Castles

    Steam link: Price: $10.99 CAD Hello, I was hoping we could get a Kingdoms and Castles trainer going? I've been playing a lot of it recently and think it would be fun to test with a trainer. I hope you aren't to bothered by the...
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    [REQ] Towns

    Platform: Steam Price: $16.99 CAD Features: Unlimited Health / Invincibility, Always Full / No Hunger Drain. Unlimited Items or Supplies might be nice, too. Thanks for reading, have a good one.
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    7 Days To Die Trainer

    It may be meant for single player, but it's getting used on multiplayer. I found someone who was doing it, and then tried it out myself to make sure (spawned in some bacon and eggs). That's going to need to be fixed somehow, I hope. I'm positive it's being abused hard. Either way I think I'll be...