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  1. Azamaki

    Crusader Kings III Trainer

    How about invincible troops or infinite troops? That option would be awesome. ;)
  2. Azamaki

    Ostriv Trainer

    it's in EA now. Update, please.
  3. Azamaki

    State of Decay 2 Trainer

    Is there any chance of a Ban if you use the Trainer in the Windows Store version? Does anyone know?
  4. Azamaki

    No Man's Sky Trainer

    A lot of options don't turn on for me. Inf. Mining Beam, Inf. Stamina, etc.
  5. Azamaki

    Astroneer Trainer

    Windows Store version requires an update. It's not being regocnized.
  6. Azamaki

    [REQ] Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up

    Posted about it before you did on the Donators forum:
  7. Azamaki

    Dawn of Man Trainer

    So far everything works on 1.07. Just can't figure out how to get Inf. Selected Mineables.
  8. Azamaki

    Jurassic World Evolution Trainer

    Yep, we need an update.
  9. Azamaki

    Dont Starve Trainer

    Trainer works fine, but can we get more options? I remember there being a table with: Fire always lit 100% Items Easy Crafting But it doesn't work anymore.
  10. Azamaki

    Jurassic World Evolution Trainer

    It also gives them wrong Comfortable stats apparently. Once activated, all my Dinosaurs felt "Overcrowded." Turning the cheat off and it was fine again.
  11. Azamaki

    Kingdom Come Deliverance Trainer

    This needs an update. Inf. Energy and Inf. Food no longer work on 1.7.2
  12. Azamaki

    Prison Architect Trainer

    Needs an update. :)
  13. Azamaki

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey Trainer

    My thoughts exactly. Do the quests just disappear once you start the game in offline mode? Has anyone tested this yet? Or does it just sync up later?
  14. Azamaki

    Age of Empires II HD The Forgotten trainer

    Game crashes with the trainer shortly after checking Disable AntiCheat.
  15. Azamaki

    Jurassic World Evolution Trainer

    Update for 1.4.3 would be appreciated. :)
  16. Azamaki

    Green Hell [REQUEST]

    Sadly not.
  17. Azamaki

    Green Hell [REQUEST]

    2 days ago he said "It will be up tonight or tomorrow." Give it a few more days, maybe.
  18. Azamaki

    Green Hell [REQUEST]

    Yes, thank you!
  19. Azamaki

    Green Hell [REQUEST]

    I work in the Rage Discord, I know the API. Still telling you, this is advertisement and it no longer works.