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  1. MrsChispa

    [REQ] Epic Manager

    still wishing for a trainer for this game, i love it ^_^
  2. MrsChispa

    Motorsport Manager Trainer

    the last trainer works good but... some trainer options work for the AI team too... any1 else found this? like HQ construction
  3. MrsChispa

    Motorsport Manager Trainer

    i can confirm F3 - No Tyre Wear F4 - Low Tyre Temperature F5 - Max Car Condition those 3 dont work boss. the rest its ok ^_^
  4. MrsChispa

    Motorsport Manager Trainer

    new update ( 2.3gb) released today. Request update.
  5. MrsChispa

    Motorsport Manager Trainer

    no, no need for update. trainers works fine... and a new DLC is coming soon.
  6. MrsChispa

    Motorsport Manager Trainer

    no need, the trainer works fine with the last ver of the game. but if you have beta patch's on... then dont ask for a trainer for those patch's ^_^
  7. MrsChispa

    [REQ] Epic Manager

    guess there are no news about this trainer uh? T_T
  8. MrsChispa


    yeah but.. as the ps1, dc, n64, etc, etc... you can use the emulator to add some gameshark codes or other cheats. and btw you cant play it directly on pc. so looks like a very hard work.
  9. MrsChispa

    How to use a Trainer

    ok. did you read the tutorial? and also be sure to re- check your anti virus, and of course the trainer ver and game ver. :)
  10. MrsChispa

    Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands Trainer

    great work boss as always, but sadly.. a lot of ppl are using this for online mode too. already did a game refund :(
  11. MrsChispa

    [REQ] Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

    yeah looks like its a completely online trainer and i dont know if i already like that idea... i dont mind offline games, but online... i sense a refund soon. :(
  12. MrsChispa

    [REQ] Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

    how? the games checks online the system before start... and even if you bypass the easy cheat. you are playing offline online solo. and then the error pops up.
  13. MrsChispa

    Motorsport Manager Trainer

    pls guys... read the main post, there you can find the instructions. follow them and everything will work fine. i have the last ver of the game 1.3 + dlc's and all the trainer options works fine. so pls.. read! . and if you have any problem... check my signature for tutorials on how to use a...
  14. MrsChispa

    Sniper Elite 4

    looks like you are an active user, so i hope you know that there is a search bar function... :) here is the released trainer thread: for future discussions and updates, pls post there.
  15. MrsChispa

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Trainer

    are you playing on a laptop? maybe thats why you need to press like a fn key + (another key) to activate the cheat trainer....
  16. MrsChispa

    plz help in trainer pes 2017

    why u need a trainer for that? you can change that in the option menu O.o
  17. MrsChispa

    [REQ] Motorsport Manager

    pls read the rules and use the search option. the trainer has been released so you must talk there :) and always check there for future updates & fix's . ty :D
  18. MrsChispa

    [REQ] Northgard Early Access

    pls before creating a new thread use the search option, there is already a thread with the REQ for this game :)
  19. MrsChispa

    [UPDATE] Sniper Elite 4

    guys pls, the trainer has been released: for any update, report and future discussions, use the proper game thread. ty :)
  20. MrsChispa

    {REQ} immune true survival

    pls read : and update your post. ty