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  1. soulreaper

    RESIDENT EVIL 3 Trainer

    ... in the mean time you can use cheat engine for inventory items and ammo in guns. Its not perfect but at least you can fire your guns without worrying about running out of ammo. plus its always a good idea to use cheat engine your self once or twice to just get a small idea how hard it can be...
  2. soulreaper

    RESIDENT EVIL 3 Trainer

    Same here and had it crash when i tried reset game time also
  3. soulreaper

    [REQ] Gears 5(gears of war 5)

    yes, cant wait for this trainer.
  4. soulreaper

    Warhammer 40k Mechanicus Trainer

    An update would be nice, but at least health still works.
  5. soulreaper

    Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Trainer

    this trainer does not seem to be working for me the cheats do not activate no matter what i do
  6. soulreaper

    Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

    for any one that cant wait for the trainer in cheat engine i have found some values in 4 Bytes. I recommend doing it at the arc after stocking up a bit of each resource(parts, scrap, medkits, and artifacts). When i tried to mess with the combat stuff (2 actions per turn, movement, etc) i had...
  7. soulreaper

    Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

    +1 Scrap, Medkits, Relics, and Weapon Parts
  8. soulreaper

    Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands Trainer

    For the PREDATOR you can call backup rebels outside the search area and a vehicle to drive in to use as cover or if it has guns use it against the predator, also i recommend you have an lmg with high rate of fire to spray and pray for one of your weapons. edit - also the drone with explosive is...
  9. soulreaper

    Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands Trainer

    look at the first 2 posts of this thread it explains how to get it all working right
  10. soulreaper

    Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands Trainer

    do you have the .dll in the anticheat game folder in wildlands, then make sure you start game, once in game world go offline with uplay, and then start trainer and it works. I had no problems when i was using it an hour ago, all of this is in the first two posts of this thread.
  11. soulreaper

    Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands Trainer

    50k would be very helpful with the weapons given that they take nearly half a million resources each to upgrade to level 30 - Edit and i am using the trainer right now and all the cheats still work with new update
  12. soulreaper

    Phantom Doctrine Trainer

    Thanks for the trainer, could only figure out a few of them on my own with cheat engine.
  13. soulreaper

    [REQ] Phantom Doctrine

    ghost mode /no enemy detection, lots of money, instant/fast character upgrade, edit stats (circulatory, sensory, respiratory, and motoric determine Action Points, Fire Points, Damage Threshold, Dodge Cost, Health Points, Movement, and Awareness are all the stats i am aware of with a max of...
  14. soulreaper

    Yakuza 0 Trainer

    Slot Car Racing (infinite boost would be easy way to win that, or an instant win) Baseball (set the score over 32 should win the modes i tried, possible the higher cost ones have a higher score for max rewards) Hostess bar max stats (some way to level up talk, love, and skill faster or max it...
  15. soulreaper

    [REQ] Yakuza 0

    Infinite heat (slow mo mode name i believe), instant win mini games (are around 20 or 30 of them like shogi, poker, bowling, or karaoke), and infinite ammo for the gun moments would also be helpful on top of the first post of this thread. There are probably a lot more for a Yakuza game but i...
  16. soulreaper

    [REQ] Yakuza 0

    +1 so happy i am crying anime tears; final fantasy, dragon quest, disgaea, tales of, and now yakuza are on steam i have hope that all jrps will come to steam now
  17. soulreaper

    Middle Earth Shadow Of War Trainer

    yeah massive update to remove some shady business practices, and some minor improvements - so of course the trainer does not work anymore. Thanks mrantifun for the update when you get around to it.
  18. soulreaper

    Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Trainer

    The only cheat i could get to work was the Armor one so an update would be nice please.
  19. soulreaper

    REQ Star Ocean The Last Hope Trainer

    -item creation ignore item requirements or a infinite items cheats might work since it uses raw items -max character affinity (each character has them with edge if i recall correctly) -always full gauge for attacks, blindside, and rush if i remember the mechanic right -max character and party SP...