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  1. bloodsucker

    [REQ] Super Kinky Trainer

    1+ it seem like have cheat detect ...................... T.T ............................. Crash ASA land in to arena
  2. bloodsucker

    Conan Exiles Trainer

    the trainer dont work with " battleye anti cheat " have to find way to run game without battleye with no steam
  3. bloodsucker

    [REQ] Bloody Boobs

    1+ plz , dont tell me that it contain adult material so there is no trainer available . it just a girl wear a swimsuit
  4. bloodsucker

    Conan Exiles Trainer

    i have try on cheat engine and have confirm it true , 1 gave false value and another take long time to process but it is right value. Somehow it make the game is trainer proof since it cant detemine which is the right process.
  5. bloodsucker

    Conan Exiles Trainer

    i even delete battleye folder i found inside game folder. and i found out there are 2 process running the same name during game play
  6. bloodsucker

    Conan Exiles Trainer

    uninstall battleeye but still not working 3DMGAME-Conan.Exiles.Barbarian.Edition.Build.23580-9921
  7. bloodsucker

    Earths Dawn Trainer

    thank you i love this game, old school style
  8. bloodsucker

    Townsmen Trainer

    thank you
  9. bloodsucker

    Moon Hunters Trainer

    give it a five 1+ for like :)
  10. bloodsucker

    Dungeon Rats

    me too 1+
  11. bloodsucker

    Five Champions of Canaan Trainer

    LOL long last waiting
  12. bloodsucker

    REQ: Five Champion of Canaan this website here post a suspicious trainer exe format asking to install. we all know what is that mean so beware guy
  13. bloodsucker

    Cossacks 3 Trainer

    nice done been looking for it
  14. bloodsucker

    Armello Trainer

    cheat engine table does work but then it crash on end turn no matter what
  15. bloodsucker

    The Storm Guard Darkness is Coming Trainer

    i knew you can did it sir, many thank
  16. bloodsucker

    Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Trainer

    so quick mate +1
  17. bloodsucker

    {REQ} the storm guard darkness is coming

    there was a thread REQ for this game already exist. Game is save protection so there will be a chance that no trainer for every long time - like Space ranger 2 or HD war apart it took few year (5 or 7 ?) to get it bypass . be patient then
  18. bloodsucker

    Dungeon Punks Trainer

    thank man i been waiting