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Banished Trainer, also hi :>

Jan 11, 2018
I just recently got back into gaming and decided to purchase a few games / play some old ones I still have,
but i am also a notorious lazy gamer so I decided to download some trainers to make it easier for me,
so I go to GCW, which is a site I can remember visiting so long agooo,
anyway I was lucky enough to stumble across your some of your trainers,
this trainer for banish caught my eye because you have a code scripted to load this website,
and also u call GCW and some other sites leeches, that's ****** up if they are like that.
for as long as GCW has been operating it sort of makes me mad to find out that they're vultures like this.

also on the banished trainers I cant seem to ever get any of the unlimited resources codes to work, ill already be moved onto the next game before I can get any help with that, just thought u should know about the problem.

anyway keep up the good work I really enjoy your trainers.....