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Blizzard will ban you for life if you cheat in Overwatch

Discussion in 'Games News & Gaming Related' started by videogamer, May 14, 2016.

  1. videogamer

    videogamer New Member


  2. elodia

    elodia Active Member

    Yes blizzard will ban IF they catch them :p
    same like steam CS GO VALVE Anti-cheat will ban IF player is detected :D if not Have fun :p anyway on steam cs go 6 from 10 players have cheats UNDETECTED :D
    and they love hackers, why ??? it's easy cs go cost 10 euro some players buy hacks with 10/20 euro (maybe even ppl from steam did them why not... for money) and after some time they update vac and ban the hackers, and most of them buy cs go again and say "i will never cheat again"
    and if this happens to 1/2 mil players imagine the money they get :D
    Last edited: May 17, 2016
  3. SladeTeck

    SladeTeck Donor Donor

    Still would prefer to not be banned for the rest of my life, so I'll just not use a trainer or other program to begin with. Seems pretty simple stuff honestly. Don't know why you'd cheat in a game like that anyway, when it's basically all MP anyway.
    swarmguard likes this.
  4. Ragabonz

    Ragabonz The Beard Staff Member Donor

    i only cheat in single player games its not worth the risk!
  5. ZTemplar

    ZTemplar Donor Donor

    IDGAF because I don't play it. BUT I do play Heroes of the Storm, and I'm pretty sure when they ban an account it means a universal ban, soooooooooo I guess I'll be nice for now. Up until the day I quit HOTS.
  6. swarmguard

    swarmguard Donor Donor

    What he said and think about all the time invested into said games. I have close to two weeks of my life in Overwatch game time playing it. :) If you play Overwatch give me a heads up 20% extra xp is always nice. :cool:
    SladeTeck likes this.
  7. andrew117

    andrew117 Donor Donor

  8. CoryJXX

    CoryJXX New Member

    They wont perma ban, they just want to scare people, unless you keep doing it, I have had my account stolen probably 3 times, everytime who ever takes it is using a third party program at some popint, I don't even want the accounts for the games but they email you, and a day later, and an email, and the accounts are mine again after apparently getting a ban, I've cheated on NCsoft games, got their "3 strike"s and still nothing more than a couple days banned, they will even put out this bullshit reports about banning all these accounts for RMT, while never listing any other info, and the same 3 characters shouting in your server selling game currency apparently have avoided being banned...

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