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Osiris New Dawn Trainer


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Apr 20, 2014
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Current Trainers:
Osiris New Dawn V0.915 Trainer +12
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.068 Trainer +12
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.076 Trainer +12
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.081 Trainer +13
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.087 Trainer +12
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.093 Trainer +12
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.096 Trainer +12
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.105 Trainer +12
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.110 Trainer +12
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.111 Trainer +18
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.128 Trainer +18
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.129 Trainer +18
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.145 Trainer +18
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.156 Trainer +18
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.162 Trainer +18
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.169 Trainer +18
Osiris New Dawn V0.1.180 Trainer +18

  1. Inf.Health
  2. Inf.Oxygen
  3. Inf.Stamina
  4. Inf.Suit Health
  5. Perfect Suit Temperature
  6. Perfect Suit Pressure
  7. No Thirst
  8. No Hunger
  9. Easy Crafting
  10. Max Selected Resource in Inventory
  11. Inf.Weight
  12. Inf.Ammo
  13. Inf.Jet Pack
  14. Inf.Credit
  15. Inf.Cryptex Moves
  16. Inf.Science Points
  17. Inf.Combat Points
  18. Inf.Engineering Points
  • First start game world move couple steps then activate health , oxygen stamina , suit health , suit temperature , suit pressure ,thirst , hunger cheats
  • First open crafting tab of the inventory and click on any crafting item ,Then activate the cheat and click on the item again and you will be able to place it without the need for any resource
  • For Max Selected resource cheat first open inventory and hover over any stackable item then activate cheat and now any item you hover over will be maxed ,Notice that value appearing in inventory may not change but in item description it will
  • For weight cheat open inventory and hover over any item then pick up an item or throw out an item to get cheat effect
  • For ammo cheat first shoot a weapon which uses ammo then activate ammo cheat
  • First open inventory then activate credit cheat
  • First open skills trees then activate points cheats , Then close tree and open it again to get cheats effects
  • For Cryptex moves cheat first make a move once then activate cheat then make another move

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Jun 21, 2014
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hello, i just want to ask if your having the same problem as mine. when i use these cheat, as i load my previous game, my structure is maxed out preventing me to make more structures. so first i make a character, then play a little with the codes on. exit the login again (offline), my structure icon is maxed out saying i built multiple structures already. please help