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Rise of Venice Trainer


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Apr 20, 2014

Current Trainers:
Rise of Venice trainer +1 v1.0.1.4323
Rise of Venice V1.1.2 Trainer +4
Options :
  1. God Mode
  2. Inf.Money
  3. Super Ship Space
  4. Super Warehouse Space

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Aug 30, 2014
please you can update the trainer for game version v1.1.2.4817 i has the megatrainer but it don't work never! and i can't play good at one point i am locked for money!:(


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Aug 30, 2014
please! has as you upgrade it? I need this trainer, no one else was able to create a trainer that works for this game, and only an hour spent money for nothing in the game! bad can come out from the beginning by lack of money!

please can update for v1.1.2.4817


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Oct 16, 2015
I have only just started to play this, very similar to Port Royal 3.

Anyway, I have the latest version and it is the Gold edition.

I used Cheat Engine, I wish I could upload the file but have the addresses below, all 4 bytes:
(Please note, I am not an expert so I cannot comment further on advice for this)

1. For some reason they use two entries to change, but I could be wrong.

Cash: 19CC75BC
Cash: 1A30D9FC

Cargo Hold: 48082B98
Cargo Hold: 48182B98

Otherwise if you are good with editing the save games they could be located here:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Steam\RLD!\227020\storage\savegames

Good luck for anyone else who decide to platy.

Thank you Mr Antifun!

***Update****20 Dec 2015
This is all based from one city, Venice, only

So I have been playing with the Cheat Engine for a day now and have found out that the money address will change when you start a new game or load a save one.
At the moment it seems that there will be always be two lines to change for your items.
**Hint - do this right away, go to the senate and lock in the monthly bribe

The stowage (cargo hold) can change for your ships, but I haven't managed to have this change reflected in the Senate for advancement.

On possible handy thing which I have done is change my storage (in Venice) to 9999 for all the 22 items, which when locked in, becomes infinite.
Best to have at least the items in your storage in the 100's, scan for the number, move some into your ship, re-scan. You will find that there will be an address by itself and then 2 addresses pretty much together, these 2 are the ones you will need to change.

*on that storage note, you will also need to appropriate storage in the city to hold that amount

Buildings - you can also change the number in the queue, again, always easier searching for 3 digits rather than two or one. This can be a handy tip if you don't want to click the mouse button hundreds of times. Don't need to lock this in once you have changed the build amount.

Town workers - Yes, you can also change this. Handy again so you will always have the maximum amount of crew on your ships, move the population around to other cities - best to lock this in also. I had 500,000 workers and that always gave me a maximum of 9,999 workers available for my crew.

Good luck again!
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