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Savage Lands Trainer


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Apr 20, 2014

Current Trainers:
Savage Lands 32bit V0.2.5 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 32bit V0.2.7 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 32bit V0.2.8 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 32bit V0.3.0 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 32bit V0.4.0 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 32bit V0.5.0 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 32bit V0.6.0 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 32bit V0.7.0 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 32bit V0.8.0 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 64bit V0.8.3.128 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 64bit V0.8.3 Build 153 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 64bit V0.8.3 Build 179 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 64bit V0.8.3 Build 200 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 64bit V0.8.3 Build 231 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 64bit V0.8.3 Build 319 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 32bit V0.8.3 Build 421 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 64bit V0.8.3 Build 422 Trainer +11
Savage Lands 64bit V0.9.1 Build 46 Trainer +11

  1. Inf.Health
  2. No Hunger
  3. No Bleeding
  4. No Disease
  5. No Poison
  6. No Cold
  7. Always Morning
  8. Inf.Items Quickbar
  9. Inf.Durability
  10. Easy Crafting
  11. Inf.Items On Construction

  • To check if your game is 64bit then go into game folder , If there is a file called "steam_api64.dll" in the folder then you are running 64bit build of the game ,Otherwise you running 32bit build of the game .
  • First start game world before activating the trainer
  • First Put an item in the Quickbar before activating the item cheat
  • First Put an item with durability in the Quickbar before activating the durability cheats
  • First open the crafting window then activate the easy crafting the cheat then close the window and open it again
  • First construct something then put in an item to the structure then activate the cheat.

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May 29, 2014
The game was just updated. F1 to F7 works fine but F9-F12(those that I would like the most) does not. Never tried F8 so I'm unsure if that works. The game is version 0.2.6 build 16625 now. I would appreciate it if you would update trainer too, thanks!


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Sep 11, 2014
No wonder, its Early beta stage, It will have a lot of updates :)
i know , but this still make more work for mrAntifun. i just hope its just some adress change or nothing big, the actual (first) trainer still nice and with good setting ^^