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Sheltered Trainer


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Apr 20, 2014

Current Trainers:
Sheltered Early Access V3.1 Trainer +10
Sheltered Early Access V6.0 Trainer +10
Sheltered Early Access V6.4 Trainer +10
Sheltered Early Access V7.0 Trainer +10
Sheltered Early Access V7.2 Trainer +10
Sheltered Early Access V8.0 Trainer +10
Sheltered 32bit V1.0 Trainer +10
Sheltered 64bit V1.0 Trainer +10
Sheltered 32bit V1.2 Trainer +12
Sheltered 32bit V1.4 Trainer +12
Sheltered 32bit V1.5 Trainer +12

Sheltered V1.7 Trainer +12
Sheltered V1.8 Trainer +10

  1. Inf.Fuel
  2. Inf.Food
  3. Inf.Water
  4. Inf.Stats
  5. Inf.Integrity
  6. Inf.Health
  7. No Pet Hunger
  8. Fast Craft
  9. Inf.Pet Health
  10. Inf.Medicine
  11. Free Upgrade
  12. Free Crafting
  • First start game world then you can activate most of the cheats
  • First hover over the Medicine case then activate the Medicine cheat then hover over the case again then deactivate the cheat
  • If you want to exit the current game you started make sure you disable the cheats otherwise the game may crash for some reason
  • For Free Upgrade first open upgrading window hover over an upgrade which isnt completed then activate cheat then hover over the item again and it can be upgraded for free
  • For Free Crafting first open crafting window and hover over an item then activate free crafting cheat then hover over any item you want to craft and it can be crafted for free

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King of the Dead
Apr 26, 2014
Awesome cheat, thanks! But "Inf. Health" cheat is not working - my characters losing health points when get hit by enemies in battles. Can you fix it, please?
Do you try restart the "Inf. Health" (Cheat de/aktivate)?

@MrAntiFun, i'm not sure why, but if i use the "Inf.Medicine" Cheat there are some problems with the game (after the use i can't send people out and the game freeze at the option-menu from the map -> can't click anything ... or i can't click on the people how come back from the exploration)

I restartet the game twice and restart my computer and the trainer, always the same problem with Medicine Cheat (and start all things as administrator).

Hope you can help/ fix that :)


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Sep 14, 2014
Bad to hear about that...
..i tried the "Inf.Health" Cheat too, and my Player died in the Desert -> it look like it's a little buggy
The Inf.Health is working but only when you entry Shelter.In Desert is not working
P.S. Thanks for trainer


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May 29, 2014
Inf HP cheat is not working in battle

if you die in battle and person come back to shelter, they stay there and are No more controllable

-> solve -> just exit the game to the menu -> visit shelter again -> now they are under your controll again

if you use the MEDicine cheat and 1 person use meds this person is frozen and mouse is like" dead

-> solve -> Activate CHEAT -> NO one should use MEDS -> exit the game to the menu -> visit shelter again -> now all is fine and you got your medicine


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Jul 11, 2014
Is there a chance for something like an inf-item or a free-build items cheat? the cheats are so helpful but there is still a large amount of dull down time while hunting for the -1- piece of metal you need for a new room lol