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Star Trek Trexels (need help with cheat engine)

Discussion in 'Programming Related' started by Leon0803, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. Leon0803

    Leon0803 Donor Donor

    Hey so im trying to cheatengine that game star trek Trexels its normaly for phone but i do it througth bluestacks.

    First of: the game isnt selectable as task so i have to select Physical memory (extrem long scanning time), then its having values in multiple sections ive been througth byte,2 byte,4 byte, 8 byte , doubled, string.

    I have 3 Questions now.

    1 Can i / do i have to convert Byte ? the Normal value is 8110 2 & 4 Byte display 8110 but Byte displays 174 i need to get the exact value on every single one so how do i calculate Byte?
    2 is there anything i have to know when searching througth all the different types (byte, 2 ,4 ,8, double, string) do i need to convert something?
    3 has anyone found a better way to do it? is there a editible savegame, or a apk? ive searched on my own but couldnt find the savegames nor a running apk (surveys n shit)

  2. Kalas

    Kalas Super Staff Staff Member Donor

    If you could upload a Picture so I can understand what you are trying to Modify in the game, plus the result you get with Cheat Engine of the address you are looking for.

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