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Starting Alice/Java

Discussion in 'Programming Related' started by Roonie, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Roonie

    Roonie Donor Donor

    So, I'm taking a class first semester/second semester of my school programming and the languages we use are Alice and Java, so any tips on what to do when I begin?
    I understand the basics of programming as I've tried teaching my self before, but got caught up in other stuff.

  2. raymats1012

    raymats1012 New Member

    Well, since you're done with the basics, here's something to keep in mind - Programming doesn't depend on language (most of the time). it depends on the program's logic. Languages just have different syntaxes, but the thinking stays the same - same loop logic, same conditional logic, etc.

    for Java - If you know C programming, you'll notice that the syntax is close. but since the language is Object-Oriented, I suggest you study more on classes, inheritance, etc. It's useless to learn an OOP Language(Java) if you'll code and like you're working the Sequential(Procedural) Language (C).

    for Alice - It's OOP. Never tried it before, though. Sorry.

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