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The Curios Expedition - Cheat Engine can't find value

Discussion in 'Programming Related' started by Martovvi, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Martovvi

    Martovvi Active Member


    So I tried cheating funds in a game with Cheat Engine and I do know the basics and all that stuff but somehow, Cheat Engine can't find the value I'm looking for.

    The game has "Funds" which is basically like money and its like "Funds: 30". So I've tried decreasing the value and find it and it finds nothing.. not even close to what I'm looking for.

    So my thought was that this game is somehow encrypted as cheat engine finds 3 .exe's of the game even though the game is opened once and I tried on all of them though, no success.

    I hope you guys can help me..

  2. Chashmodai

    Chashmodai Master Donor Donor

    What value type are you searching for? Try setting it to "all".
  3. Martovvi

    Martovvi Active Member

    I've tried pretty much everything and went into decimal as well, still no results.
  4. Exeptions

    Exeptions Member

    Hey Martovvi,

    first select the right game process!
    Found it by "Select a process by open..." then "Windows List" there is often the right game exe. (Process)

    Then try to search your gold amount by searching it with value type "Float" or/and "All"
    when you can't find the value right now, please Pm me the name of the Game! So i can check it :D

    greez, Exe
  5. OshaoDar

    OshaoDar Donor Donor

    It's possible that the in-game value does not match the 'exact value'. You can find changing code in Memory View, or you can simply scan for 'Unknown Initial Value', you'll get tons, if not hunderds of thousands of values that won't even show. Then change the value in-game, use 'Decreased Value' and scan again. Keep repeating the process till you find the code. However, it will be impossible to assume what value you'll need to put it to maximum in-game.

    So, what you can do is Freeze the value. Add the addresses to the list below and increase the value in-game till you are satisfied, then activate them in Cheat Engine and they're frozen to that value.

    NOTE: If 'Decreased Value' does not take you where you need, then use 'Changed Value' after it's changed, if in the end there are still too many addresses to determine which one's the address you need, then play a bit in-game and scan again with the 'Unchanged Value' search type. It should iron out some code. I hope you'll find it!
  6. deadman888

    deadman888 New Member

    i found the value for money. its litterly just your current value x2

    for example you have 30 bucks you write 60 in the search value

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