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Trainer Download Tool/Updater

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by Hectic, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Hectic

    Hectic New Member

    I think it be awesome if you could make a tool which can download your Trainers and also keep them up to date without constantly checking the site.

    You know like a small nice tool, where user can see the list of games that has your current trainers and from there download the latest version. And when you release a new one then it would notify update trainer update, or simply just check from that list selection which version is downloaded and which is available.

    PS. Thanks for your work! Your trainers are the only ones that actually work perfectly.

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  2. Kalas

    Kalas Super Staff Staff Member Donor

    Even if we would want to make that kind of Tool, It would cost money to even start making it not to mention keeping it active, plus it's not as simple and takes a lot of time to make, but it's MrAntiFun choice to make.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2017
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  3. dallas990

    dallas990 Active Member

    i agree with u @Hectic but kalas is right
  4. Fowyn

    Fowyn Member

    Can't you charge people for it, like let's say monthly fee of 3 dollars or 5 dollars ? it would help a bit with the costs, and to be honest i do think it's a cool idea.
  5. Akula_

    Akula_ Active Member

    Ressource eating for something noone needs.
  6. R3DBvLL

    R3DBvLL New Member

    Not as hard to make as @Kalas is making it out to be neither will the costs be any much higher than what is already being payed for the website/forums to be hosted. If this was a problem then you'll add a fee for using the program, nothing over a few bucks though as mentioned by @Fowyn .

    PRO: -Easy to manage already downloaded trainers ( Ex. Grouping highly used )
    -Easy to view and download latest updates
    -See Available trainers
    -Adds extra 'quality' to MrAntiFun's work
    -Would be easier to navigate and search for Trainers ( Noob friendly )
    -Easier to release donator trainers / paid without them being leaked.
    -Adding a few extra features to the program would be nice as well ( Ex. Shoutbox )
    ^ Or even being able to configure the hotkeys of trainers just through the program.

    CON: -Not necessary in order to use the trainers.
    -More shit to download
    -<del>probably a botnet</del>
    - $ rip our pennies $
    - Dev's might get lazy with adding updates and features.
    - Using them extra resources

    I see the Pro's outwaying the cons here, Give it some thought please.

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