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Vendetta Curse of Ravens Cry Trainer


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Apr 20, 2014
Vendetta Curse of Ravens Cry V1.00 Trainer +9

  1. Inf.Ship Hull
  2. Inf.Ship Sails
  3. Inf.Ship Crew
  4. Inf.Ship Ammo
  5. Inf.Player Health
  6. Inf.Skill Points
  7. Inf.Money
  8. Fast Level Up
  9. Fast Kill
  • For Fast Kill cheat to work you must have Inf.Player Health cheat on first
  • Fast Level Up will allow you to level up everytime you kill an enemy or gain at least 1 exp

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Jun 2, 2014
Trainer doesn't work properly, when i activate the options, i can't sail left or right anymore, when i activate inf ship hull - sails, no steering anymore
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Nov 14, 2014
For any one having trouble with the infinite hull option killing ship steering the game itself have a number of cheats
so press the ~ key (i think its called the tidle key) and type thisisgreatgame (ironic right) this enables cheats then shipimmortalhero 1 now the hull health will still drop but will stop at 4 or 8 like an undying cheat.
other ship cheats i found
ship.setcrewpercent (between 1 and 100) restore crew without going to port
shipfixhull&shipfixsails (between 1 and 100) fixes hull or sails the desired amount
skillparam.quartermaster.cargomassaddmull (choose number) this allows you to get more cargo space but has a requirement 1 or more skill points in the PackRat skill
there are may other cheats such as spawning weapons,enemies jumping maps allot are useless
if your interested its been awhile so sorry for the lack of detail but google vendetta raven cry cheats and look for one on the steam forums (don't remember the members name) has a most some the cheats on the forum and an option to download text documents with the rest, just remember some are just commands some allow spawning items into player inventory some npc spawning allot have visible impact or purpose.

so hope this helps somone