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world of warcraft

Discussion in 'Programming Related' started by elodia, Aug 18, 2016.

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  1. elodia

    elodia Active Member

    hi all :)
    i will type short for you to understand what i am trying to do, i am playing world of warcraft on private servers and i am trying to make a packet sniffer (to see what info send char to server), so i am trying to make a program to hook function that holds unencrypted packet ( i made some video to explain better what i want to make
    :) ) i will love to learn to make that program.

    the guy who did that program told me this you have to call function NetClient::Send2 with data Vtable, breakpoint with CheatEngine and you'll understand
    the function codes are not a problem (there is a website where i can pick all) my only problem is what he mean by "data vtable" is that in cheat engine ? or C# ? i never know what that means (i cant ask him since he was offline 1 year :( ) sadly

    any links or tutorials or advice i will appreciate so much !!! :)

  2. Ragabonz

    Ragabonz The Beard Staff Member Donor

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