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X3 Reunion Trainer


Active Member
Jun 20, 2015
I personally would love an in-depth trainer for Terran Conflict. As it is after all a fun but hard game to play.
I actually found Terran Conflict pretty easy. Lots of free ships in the campaigns just "given to you" Albion however less so.

The X3 trilogy of games are to my view some of the best games of their type. I agree a trainer for all 3 of the trilogy would be a great thing to have. If M.A.F does ever do one for the other two parts of the trilogy I'd be overjoyed.


New Member
May 15, 2015
Another solid cheat engine is cycrow's. It has a full cheat menu and works for all the X3 expansions. To run it you'll need to download the X3 plugin manager and then the cheat menu script. It works well and you can add ships, stations, or whatever you want, as well as give you access to god mode or other more in depth changes to the gameplay.