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Youtubers Life Trainer


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Apr 20, 2014
Current Trainers:
Youtubers Life V0.7.3 Trainer +3
Youtubers Life V0.7.5 Trainer +9
Youtubers Life V0.7.8 Trainer +9
Youtubers Life V0.7.11 Trainer +11
Youtubers Life V0.7.12 Trainer +11
Youtubers Life V0.7.15 Trainer +11
Youtubers Life V0.8.0 Trainer +11
Youtubers Life V0.8.1f1 Trainer +11
Youtubers Life V0.8.2p2 Trainer +11
Youtubers Life V0.9.3 Trainer +11
Youtubers Life V1.0.4 Trainer +11
Youtubers Life V1.3.2 Trainer +10
Youtubers Life V1.4.1 Trainer +10

  1. Inf.Money
  2. No Hunger
  3. Inf.Energy
  4. Inf.Talent Points
  5. Max Relation
  6. Inf.Render Points
  7. Instant Render
  8. Instant upload
  9. Instant Courses
  10. Inf.LightBulbs
  11. Show Required Card

  • Start game world first and once money and other stuff appear on screen activat money , hunger ,energy and talent points cheat
  • After activating money cheat the value will not change on screen until you go and buy something
  • Open contact on cellphone then activate relations cheat
  • First go into editing screen where render points are showing then activate cheat
  • First start rendering a video then activate instant render cheat
  • First start uploading video then activate instant upload cheat
  • First start a course then activate instant courses cheat
  • For Light Bulbs cheat first use Lightbulbs while creating a video once then activate cheat and once you use lightbulbs again it will be set to 99
  • For Show Required Card , First create a video then activate the cheat before creating another video , After you go into making the video you will notice that the best fitting card symbol will be showing next to the clip , Check the second message below for a picture of its location .

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