1. juzzzek

    Total War Warhammer II trainer is bugged

    Hi. MrAntifun, U made amazing job givin to us urs trainers... BUT: 1> most of wemod option of TWWH2 trainer r bugged or just not working 2> sliders doesnt have EXECUTE BUTTON to add values whitch we want. It need to be fix or updated by adding new buttons and fix whitch egzist. Wemod btw is a...
  2. Y

    overkill the walking dead (your trainer break my game !)

    after trying your trainer overkill the walking dead 1.04 that said on ************* but when you open it that said 1.02 bottom right it's normal?? after activate the trainer and activate all the otiption my retail overkill the walking dead 1.04 dosent start anymore ! you really mr antifun...
  3. K

    FTL Trainer 1.5.4 +17 bugs

    Just noticed a couple of things with version 1.5.4 +17. I am using 1.5.4 version FTL from Steam. First, Drone Parts can't be added to any version of the Engi ship. Secondly, Instant Reload seems to be on any time the trainer is active, and cannot be turned off, regardless of whether the F4 has...