1. FluffyMuffins19

    [REQ.] Gravewood High

    Title: Gravewood High Store Link: Cheats: Maybe cheats for teleportation and invisibility from being detected?
  2. R In need of a trainer for unlimited gold and JP.
  3. C

    Medieval Kingdom Wars Game Version: 1.00 INFINITE MONEY INFINITE RESOURCES(there are two types, in battle ones and campaign map ones) GOD MODE FOR ARMIES AND STRUCTURES FAST RECRUITING FAST BUILD UNIT LIMIT Fast Research is not needed you research on...
  4. T

    Mafia II - Remastered Trainer (REQUEST)

    Hello MrAntiFun (and all readers). I was wondering if you could make a remastered version of your Mafia 2 trainer. I want more cheats like “Never Wanted” (or clear wanted level) and “Never Dirty Clothes” (or clear dirty clothes). I would really like this. If you decide to make it, can you make...
  5. doggo247

    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Trainer request

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone is working on a trainer for this game? Things like infinite lives etc, I saw there was another post asking but that was begun in 2017 so yeah :)
  6. Thorman

    [REQ]Surviving Mars Instant Research Unlimited Funding Unlimited power Unlimited Water Unlimited Oxygen Spawn any resource spawn colonists instant build and probably more but can't think of any right now
  7. VynalDerp

    [REQ] Freeman: Guerilla Warfare

    Title: Freeman: Guerilla Warfare Platform: Steam Price: $14.99 USD (On sale 20% off until Feb. 8th, 2018) Link: Cheats: Inf. Health, Inf. Ammo, Inf. Money, Inf. Stamina, Inf. Ally Health, Inf. Squads, and a game editor similar...
  8. Trilias

    [REQ]Spintires: MudRunner

    Spintires: MudRunner Store Link: Cheats: Inf.Fuel No Damage