1. phx9

    [REQUEST] Dead Maze

    Dead Maze it's a multiplayer game, MMO, but not pvp, it's a coop game online, like how to survive 2, mrantifun made a trainer to how to survive, soo i think Dead Maze can be made too. The game work with the players helping each other, and killing zombies, like how to survive, the same game...
  2. KatsumiYT

    The Walking Zombie: Dead City

    Money and ammo trainer please :)
  3. VlogTube

    [REQ] Through The Dead City

    I've played this game yesterday and its a bit hard. Here are my requests for that game : -Inf. Ammo -Inf. Health -No Reload -Spawn Guns Near Player -Spawn Zombie -Spawn Survivor
  4. S

    Dead Space 2

    Dead Space 2 trainer works for everything except infinite health. Needs an update.
  5. MrAntiFun

    The Escapists The Walking Dead Trainer

    Current Trainers: The Escapists The Walking Dead V1.00 Trainer +8 The Escapists The Walking Dead V1.02 Trainer +8 Options: Inf.Health Inf.Strength Inf.Speed Inf.Intellect No Fatigue Inf.Money Inf.Ammo Inf.Durability Notice: First start game world then activate trainer .