dragon age inquisition

  1. jack24

    Dragon Age Inquisition update

    Trainer Name: Dragon Age Inquisition Trainer + 15 Platform: origins Features Not Working: Active trainer set power set Inquisition <-- this is what i realy need :D Set Influence Set Money Inf. heal mega Exp
  2. adsada

    Dragon Age Inquisition trainer wont activate

    Trainer wont activate (v1.10) Game version is 1.10 Retail copy I have tried using the 1.10 trainer for DA:I multiple times, trainer wont activate no matter what I do, I have verified my game's version and its matching the trainer's version. What am I doing wrong?
  3. adam1205

    f1 dont work to me

    i just installed dragon age inquisition v1.11 and i also downloaded maf's trainer for v1.11 but the f1 button don't work and i can't set power perks , inquisition perks etc... and i already tried everything possible including turning off the antivirus i just don't know what to do please help me