1. Yarez

    Hotkeys they do not work

    - When pressing the keys (F1, F2 etc ...) the windows error sound is heard, it does not activate anything. - Al presionar las teclas (F1, F2, etc.) se oye el sonido de error de Windows, no se activa nada. - The game is Tropic 5 v1.10 - El juego es Tropico 5 v1.10
  2. B

    Anyone have this problem?

    Been downloading trainers for a long time but this error started to pop up recently and wont stop happening when ever I extract a trainer from Mrantifun. Anyone know to fix this?
  3. N

    Trainers play Windows Error sound when hotkey is pressed.

    I tryed starting game minimised/maximised, I tryed all compability modes etc, but I still can't get it to work. I noticed this error is in more trainers, I noticed it in 'Youtubers Life', 'Euro Truch Simulator 2' and 'Cities Skylines'. I tryed editing hotkeys (by the way, editing menu says...
  4. D

    911 operator not working

    I had 1.8k money i bought a pistol for 1k activated the cheat and when I tried to buy other stuff it said no money
  5. garytganu

    Getting syntax error

    i have been getting a syntax error with every file i extract from rar i click on game trainer a little window pops up saying file or syntax incomplete or something along those lines then disappears and steels the exe. can anyone help me getting frustrated. i have run scf/now and found nothing...
  6. F

    cant download trainer

    i cant download any trianer from this website i deleted my antivirus and disabled firewall i tried downloading from chrome, firefox, explorer and i cant. every time i try it downloads and when it reaches the end it says "network error" or "download was interupted" i am hopeless please help me