europa universalis 4

  1. D

    EUIV Updated Today (10/1/18)

    Title: Europa Universalis Trainer Name: Europa Universalis 4 V1.26.1.0 Trainer +25 MrAntiFun Platform: Steam Version: (Old Version V1.26.1) (New Version V1.27) Features Not Working: All Features
  2. Moocats

    Europa Universalis 4 V1.23.0.0 (New DLC: Cradle of civilization)

    Title: EU 4 Trainer Name: Platform: Steam, Version: 1.23.0 Features Not Working: All (Initial activation fails, F1) Feature suggestion; Max army professionalism (which is a new mechanic in this patch) Freeze custom nation designer points (1.23 patch has fixed the exploit allowing...
  3. H

    Europa Universalis 4 Request for along time

    Hello Mr Antifun, i hope u have time to update Europa Universalis 4 Trainer -Super City Development isnt working for along time now Have a nice day! Cheers
  4. R

    Europa Universalis 4

    Platform: Steam Game: Europa Universalis 4 Version: 1.20 Problem: Super city development has no effect Thanks in Advance