fallout shelter

  1. Gumi.Mizuki

    Fallout Shelter

    Title: Fallout Shelter Trainer Name: Fallout Shelter Win Store V1.11 Trainer +8 MrAntiFun Platform: Steam Version: 1.11 Features Not Working: Trainer keeps saying Game is off.
  2. Azamaki

    Fallout Shelter - Infinite Engergy doesn't work

    It used to work perfectly, filled up the entire bar. But the more I progress, it just doesn't do anything anymore. I usually start below the line and then it doesn't fill itself anymore when I produce energy. Think something's wrong there.
  3. blackmamba3257

    Fallout Shelter Save Editor

    Hey guys, some one made a nice website for Fallout Shelter PC save editor. Basically the game on PC uses the same save system as it does in Android/iOS. All you have to do is upload the save file(read the instructions below) and edit the stats, caps, lunchboxes(yes, check my screenshots below)...
  4. MrXulius

    [REQ] Fallout Shelter

    Okay so... Fallout shelter finally came to PC today. And that means we want our trainers for it. I'm looking for the following commands Infinite Caps 500 Lunchboxes(If possible) Infinite SPECIAL points Instant Build and Instant Excavation. Speed up time and etc.