1. SpetznasMC


    Heyaa, so first of all thanks for the really fast release of the trainer! and im really sorry, these aren't really "bugs" but still i believe they should be changed somewhat. the resource cheats are a little too high. Some missions conflict with 999999 coal.. :p also if you enable them before...
  2. Szilimaci

    Frostpunk! (REQUEST)

    Trainer Request! And Gameplay Trailer: Trainer Finished HERE: Store Steam: Store GOG: Please make a Trainer MAF!
  3. SpetznasMC

    (REQ) Frostpunk

    i'd like to request a trainer for Frostpunk will probably be priced around 30EU id like to have some if not all of the following cheats (more than these are ofcourse appreciated) Unlimited resources 100% hope 0% discontent Fast research...