1. niccolado

    Aven Colony [GOG] v.1.0.25697

    Title: Aven Colony Trainer Name: Aven Colony [https://mrantifun.net/index.php?threads/aven-colony-trainer.9240/] Platform: GOG New Version: v.1.0.25697 Features Not Working: 1. Infinite Nanites and 4. Instant Construction Thank you very much for your hard work @MrAntiFun
  2. Simab

    [REQ] Shadowrun: Hongkong Extended Edition Deluxe (GOG.com)

    Please create a trainer for the above-mentioned game, required details are as follows: • Platform: GOG.com • Link to game: http://www.gog.com/game/shadowrun_hong_kong_extended_edition_deluxe • Product price: 29.99$ • Features: (same as existing non extended edition trainer - but patched to game...