1. roostergod

    Dragon Spear

    Hey can you PLEASE make a trainer for Dragon Spear. A bunch of ppl requested it as well as I did. So Im trying yet again. Even if I have to donate more money. Im looking for god mode and unlimited gold and maybe if you could unlimited items and gear. If you cant get FULL god mode(unlimited...
  2. F

    HYPERGUN v1.1.0.6 - Trainer Request

    Dear Community / MrAntiFun, I'd like to request a Trainer for: Name: HYPERGUN Actual version: v1.1.0.6 Steam link: Click here Game engine: Unity Trainer options: - Inf Health - Inf Hypercoins It would be absolutley great if you could do a trainer for that. Thanks in advance :)
  3. S


    • Platform: Steam, - version 1.0.1 • Product price: 8,99 • Features: Infinite Health ; Unlimited gold. Ive been playing alot of Unexplored and on the higher levels i always get killed,so a trainer would be really helpful Thank you
  4. cyberjason

    [REQ] Brawlhalla trainer

    Platform: Steam: Price: Free to Play Features: Mega XP [If possible], Inf HP/Percentage [Bots or Online, IDC] Inf Lives [For falling off stages]