1. ghostQ

    Hitman 2016(Update REQ)

    Hi! MrAntiFun. This game was updated to ver.1.12.2. Please update trainer. Thank you! Title:HITMAN 2016 Trainer Name:Hitman 2016 V1.11.1 Trainer +4 MrAntiFun.EXE Platform: Steam Version: ver.1.12.2 Features Not Working: Inf.Health&Inf.ammo are not working.
  2. TipsRazer

    Hitman 2016 Trainer

    Undetected And Enimies Don't Shoot Are Broken 1.8.0 Steam Copy Undetected Mode Doesn't Let You Subdue Or Snap People's Neck/Throw Items At People. Enimies Don't Shoot Doesnt' Work/Turn On At All. Godmode Would Also Be Nice.
  3. N

    [REQ] Hitman Silent Assasin/Contracts/Codename 47

    Requesting for Hitman Codename 47,Silent Assasin & Contracts Trainers. Thank You