1. koeke

    Quest Hunter [Trainer Request]

    Game here -> @Mr.AntiFun: 32bit & 64bit Version of the game existing. IF this is of importance. Just wanted to let you know. Options would be: 1 - Inf. HP (and / or GodMode) 2 - Inf. Amount of Coins / Gold 3 - Inf. Items (Wood / Stone /...
  2. Cheshya

    Monster Hunter World - Feature Update Request

    Greetings. So far, at the time of this posting, the Monster Hunter World trainer is still functional. But, I feel it needs a new feature or slight adjustment to the items. The thread has already brought it up multiple times, but the 99 options is a bit... weak. As after a certain portion of...
  3. S

    theHunter Call of the Wild 1.9 Update please

  4. F

    [REQ] The Hunter - Steam

    Personal forum Hello, I wonder if they would have to devote to create this cheat and then mod the game with all the dlc's released for the game retail. Thank you if you have people who like challenges. Steam Url: Application Type: Paid Features...