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  1. atributes16

    Starcraft 2 "Multiplayer" Trainer

    I have one question. Can you create trainer for Multiplayer lessons? I really want to play like in camapaigns. But i don't know about this part of SC2. Will I be banned for using possible trainer in this starting mode?
  2. C

    Broke Protocol City RPG Hack Request!

    Hi Broke protocol has been around for a pretty long time, but there are no hacks or cheats for it, as much as i know there is no anti cheat tool for the game! Alot of people have also been looking for cheats to this game, so it would be nice if someoner could do it! Link...
  3. aaronbryn

    [REQ] Squad

    This light-weight military multiplayer game is very early access and doesn't have any punishment systems. So you can basically do anything without getting kicked or banned, (as of now)! The game is on Steam. It costs $40. I'd like to see: • Infinite Stamina • Infinite Health • Infinite Ammo •...
  4. CyberJunkie5000

    SERVO - Made by Stardock Ent.

    Title: SERVO Software: Steam - Product price: $19.99 USD Features: Infinite Health, Infinite Credits, Infinite Scrap, Instant build
  5. fabtje12

    [REQ] From The Depths

    SOFTWARE: PRODUCT PRICE: €19.99 FEATURES: inf.materials, godmode, undestructable, inf.skillpoints, no reload OR SOFTWARE: PRODUCT PRICE: Cheapest + 100% = $7.81 (Price will...