1. dankercoder

    Redcon Trainer (OutDated)

    Hi my name is Kynan recently i have been using and enjoying the windows 10 store games trainers and i was wondering if its possible to update the Redcon Strike Commander 1.10 Trainer. The new version is 1.3.0-280 as far as i'm concerned. Kind Regards Ky
  2. R

    Dig or Die trainer outdated

    i downloaded it and the new update it didnt seem to work with it?
  3. C

    Anno 2205 Trainer Outdated

    Anno 2205 1.7.3470.5852 Edit: Dont know why the trainer did not work, but after a system restart it works again as usual thread can be deleted/ignored Trainer options dont work trainer cant be activated also only a beep sound appears instead of the ususal sounds older trainer version allow...