1. B8Liar

    Need For Speed : Hot Pursuit

    there actually is a trainer for nfs hot pursuit "REMASTERED" but i need a trainer for the normal nfs hot pursuit please
  2. sucemateub


    Store Link : Cheats : infinite ring, no timer during challenges (toggle), stupid IA thanks
  3. Jessi

    Flatout: Ultimate Carnage.

    A bit of an old game, but most trainers for it are unreliable and crash the game. I feel MAF could do it better. Cheats: INF Nitro. INF Cash. Stop Time Trial/Beat the Bomb watches. INF Impulses in stunt mode. (In stunt mode you...
  4. Z


    If someone could please make a trainer for this game. Options: - Enable flying even when disabled, to bypass difficult parts - 0:00 time during time trials, to get all gold medals - Infinite boost
  5. A

    Rollerway [REQUEST]

    There's no store link because it's a very uncommon game, you can find it here: Cheats: - Some way of not falling off / sticking to the track - Instant boost and stop - maybe some way of hovering if possible
  6. K

    (REQ) MotoGP 17

    Can you please make a trainer for motogp 17 1. infinite money 2. freeze enemies cheers!
  7. B

    Ford Racing 3 (Steam version)

    Hello MrAntifun! Please consider making a trainer for this game. Not the newest, but there are no trainers out there for it. :) I tried CheatEngine for speed, but no result. Regards
  8. marwysbossxxx

    [REQ] Mantis Burn Racing - trainer

    • Platform: Steam - • Product Price: £12.99 • Features: Boost/ Speed Thank you for your time and work to do all these great trainers. People love you!