MrAntiFun + WeMod Partnership Announcement


  1. V

    [REQ] Space Gladiators: Escaping Tartarus

    Space Gladiators: Escaping Tartarus / Steam 1. Money 2. God Mode
  2. O

    [REQ} city of god prison empire money Energy
  3. Talesz

    [REQ] Star Valor

    Trainer Request: Star Valor Store Link: Cheats: Inf.Credits Inf.Health - Hit Points Inf.Energy Inf.Shield Inf.Boost Inf.Cargo Instant Warp Skill Points Mega Exp
  4. phx9

    [REQ] Forge of Gods

    Title: Forge of Gods --------------------------- Store Link: Cheats: Can you make a trainer to give gold, diamons, gems, and full health in battle ?
  5. phx9

    [REQ] Forge of Gods

    Pls MrAntiFun, can you make a trainer for this game? It's singleplayer and it's like Soda Dungeon. Steam store:
  6. 13mg

    [REQ] The Swords of Ditto - Inf. health - Inf. stamina - Inf. Gold - Speed x2 or x3 Thank you. :D
  7. Trilias


    OF MICE AND SAND -REVISED- Steam Store Link Click Me! Cheats infinitely Tank HP infinitely Fuel infinitely Money infinitely Items infinitely Mice HP infinitely Mice Stamina infinitely Mice Calorie/Food instant Crafting instant Room Build Screenshot
  8. L

    [REQ]Dragon Cliff Cheats: EXP or something else Thank you!
  9. ramyanime

    [REQ] X-Morph: Defense

    Name: X-Morph: Defense Steam link: Price: 17,99€ Cheats: - Infinte Health - Infinite Resources - Infinite Points any cheats you can give us is good as always thank from the heart :)
  10. hitler's child

    [REQ] West of Loathing

    Game Name: West of Loathing Game Link: Price: $10.99 Developed and published by: Asymmetric Requests: Infinite Health, Infinite Action Points, Infinite Meat, Infinite XP.
  11. AlphaOmega-F5

    Req Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

    Please update the trainer to latest game version which is 1.44 I believe. Thanks After choosing any or all options i can't move my character or do anything but exit the game.... Matters not which of the choices I check, once I choose ANY the game is frozen (single player)
  12. R

    [REQ] Choice Chamber

    Title: Choice Chamber Link: Price: 9.99 Features: unlimited health, double damage, add 100 coins, ext
  13. Trilias

    [REQ]My Summer Car

    Name: My Summer Car Platform: Steam Url: Click Me! Price: 13.49 USD Features: -God Mode | Idea by MrMeier ·Infinite Money ·Infinite Fuel ·no Hunger ·no Thirst ·no fatigue -no Dirtiness Features Optional: -Teleport Home -Teleport Store -Teleport Repair -Bring Car back home -Bring Van back...
  14. C

    [REQ] Farming Simulator 17

    • Platform: - Steam - • - Direct Download, Amazon, etc. • Product Price: $34.99 USD • Features: Infinite Money Release Date is 25th October 2016 (in 2 days)
  15. Talesz

    Soccer Manager 2017

    Please relaese the trainer for Soccer Manager 2017. Platform: Steam Link: Thanks in advance!
  16. Teyzer

    [REQ] EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair

    Platform: Steam Price: 49.99 (34.99 currently on launch sale until July 25) Features: Infinite Health/Infinite Armor, Infinite Ammo/No Reload.
  17. Ruhbe


    SWARMRIDERS on Steam ( Product price: it's a free game Features: Inf. Health