1. Tehlastsamuri

    Madness Project Nexus

    please add a trainer for this game :) inf health and ammo would be nice ty
  2. SmiffyHallo

    OpenRA (REQUEST)

    Title of Game: OpenRA Game Location: http://www.openra.net/ (game is Free) Cheats: Godmode, all other cheats are already ingame pretty much. Note: I am too old and used to the original to enjoy OpenRA properly. Note2: Appologies if I've done something wrong.
  3. 11053755

    Battletech 1.2.0

    Welcome to BATTLETECH 1.2! This release contains a number of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes, as well as some cool new features. We have also released an overhaul of MechWarrior special abilities to Beta, and have updates on Linux and Localized versions of the game. MechWarrior...
  4. CelestialCorpse

    [Update Request] Deep Rock Galactic

    Single-Player/Co-Op game Deep Rock Galactic has had a Major Content update on June 15th. :) Requesting trainer update due to: - Health [1] and Ammo [4] no longer activate. (Windows error tone) - Using Flare [7] or Grenade [6] with associated Trainer option active crashes game instantly. -...
  5. SayWhattoWhat

    [REQ] Prey (2017)

    Prey 2017, released on Steam May 5, 2017. Link: store.steampowered.com/app/480490/Prey/ Cost: $59.99 Features: Inf. Neuromods Inf. Health/Psi/Armor/Resources/Ammo No Reload The feature list is just a wishlist obviously, whatever you can crank out is always appreciated.
  6. G

    (req) Crashland

    Hi , First off, thank you for your trainers .. I love them. Ok...can we get a updated trainers for Crashland v1.2.8 steam please.