1. Sakupen

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    The Microsoft Store version doesn't have anti-cheat while the Steam version has Easy Anti Cheat. Also the devs forgot to remove the debug functions from the game. Store Link:
  2. FluffyMuffins19

    [Req] Ooblets

    Title: Ooblets --------------------------- Store Link: Cheats: • Unlimited stamina • Unlimited money • Unlimited wishes • Unlimited resources • Unlimited gummies Anything else you may want to add with it too!
  3. FluffyMuffins19

    [REQ.] Gravewood High

    Title: Gravewood High Store Link: Cheats: Maybe cheats for teleportation and invisibility from being detected?
  4. GonGon

    Forebearers [Requests]

    Store Link: Cheats: edit resource , infinite resource fast building unlimited person
  5. M


    Title: INSOMNIA The Ark Style: action Developer : Mono Studio Publisher : HeroCraft release date: 2018. szept. 27. Version: Steam: Trailer: Trainer request: 1. healt 2. stamina 3. ammo 4. Money 5. Xp points 6. Skill...
  6. SmiffyHallo

    OpenRA (REQUEST)

    Title of Game: OpenRA Game Location: (game is Free) Cheats: Godmode, all other cheats are already ingame pretty much. Note: I am too old and used to the original to enjoy OpenRA properly. Note2: Appologies if I've done something wrong.
  7. AnyonesShadow

    [ Req ] Arcanum $4.99 Life, Money, Exp, Attributes,