1. A

    [req] Heroes of Hammerwatch V73 (26/04/2018)

    Heroes of Hammerwatch steam Trainer requested features: - Inf hp & mana - Gold or skill points (Not sure if possible after the last update merging both save files) PS: v72 is no longer working.
  2. NadavGamer

    Dungreed trainer!

    I think i've done everything i can in Dungreed. Do you think you can make a trainer with Infinite Gold, Health and Perks? Could be awesome :) Thanks!
  3. aabw


    Platform : steam - Producr price : $14.99 features : Inf. health, money, etc... this game is perma-death :confused:, THANK U!
  4. R

    [REQ] Dungeons of Dredmor Trainer Price: $4.99 Great game with a fairly large following and modding community, and a stable release (v1.1.4). Features: - Unlimited Health - Unlimited Mana - Add XP - Add Gold - Add Skill Points
  5. red-nyan

    [REQ] Barony

    Platform: Steam Product price: $9.99 Features: This game is a random/procedurally-generated rogue-like. Very good game! Infinite Health Infinite Mana Mega Experience Set Skill-level(s) Unlock Door Reveal Map One-hit Kills