1. D

    [REQ] Sheltered

    Can you update the trainer please Trainer Name: sheltered V1.5 Platform: Steam. Version: Sheltered 1.6 Features Not Working: the trainers not working for the game version thanks
  2. D

    [REQ] Sheltered V1.6 steam

    hello MrAntiFun and team i know you are busy, but can you make an update trainers for sheltered V1.6 ?? Platform : Steam feature : just same like old version trainers of this game link trainer ...
  3. Ady1111

    Sheltered Trainer not working

    I try F1 , F2 , F3........ I hear a sound(Not Cheat Activated) but nothing happen , no red text , nothing happening in the game Sheltered 64bit V1.0 Trainer +10 , umm i got a copy of the game...Please read this :D