1. Lightrod1111

    Hokko Life Trainer Is there anyway that you can make a Hokko Life Trainer that incudes -Infinite Items ( Wood, Crops, ores, Items, etc.) -Infinite Sprint -Infinite Money -Edit Money -One Hit (For cutting down trees and breaking rocks) -Infinite Watering Can...
  2. koeke

    Ostriv [Trainer Request]

    Greetings Mr. AntiFun, i'd like to make a request for an upcoming "The settler's"-like Build-up-Game. (Link is here: The game is still in Alpha, but it looks, works and feels pretty fine. If you are in need of further information, please contact me. Thx. I would...
  3. O

    Trainer for Patrician 3 V1.13 (Request)

    Hello, I really love your work, and I was wondering if you just could make a trainer for the latest version of this old game that really made me fall in love with the simulation games. If it's possible with the options to set the money and the goods, thank you very much!!
  4. K

    (REQ) MotoGP 17

    Can you please make a trainer for motogp 17 1. infinite money 2. freeze enemies cheers!
  5. N

    [REQ]Farming Simulator 2017 TRAINER

    Plz Make Farming Simulator 2017 trainer....thank you for making and check my request game link:
  6. Argent47

    [REQ] Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

    Steam- PC: XP/Vista/7 || MAC OS X 10.6+ || Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS $14.99 (currently on sale for 7.79 (2/6/15)) Inf $tarch, Inf Resources, Inf /Mega Exp, Happy Smiths
  7. W

    [REQ] Dead in Bermuda

    Software: Steam - Product price: 14,99 € Features: No hunger, no depression, fatigue, no injury