1. J

    Coin Crypt

    I'm honestly not quite sure if this one's doable. But here's the steam page for it. Cheats of interest: Infinite Coins, Infinite Health.
  2. Hawk3y3s

    Kingdom Two Crowns

    Store Link: price 19.99 RELEASE DATE:Dec 11, 2018 -Its currently retail - Cheats: -infinite coins -infinite gems -Instant Construction -infinite horse stamina -enemies cant damage players -freeze time of day
  3. phx9

    [REQ] Forge of Gods

    Title: Forge of Gods --------------------------- Store Link: Cheats: Can you make a trainer to give gold, diamons, gems, and full health in battle ?
  4. phx9

    [REQ] Forge of Gods

    Pls MrAntiFun, can you make a trainer for this game? It's singleplayer and it's like Soda Dungeon. Steam store:
  5. Thorman

    [REQ]Surviving Mars Instant Research Unlimited Funding Unlimited power Unlimited Water Unlimited Oxygen Spawn any resource spawn colonists instant build and probably more but can't think of any right now
  6. Fkrushsykes

    No King no Kingdom Price: 17.49 Singleplayer game Content: 1) 500 resource EA [number does not go up or down] 2) Instant Build I was shocked to see none else posted about this game but if by some chance i did miss it feel free to delete this thread/topic/request or w/e
  7. I3loodDevil

    Unturned [required updated trainer for single player]

    Just wondering if it's possible Mranti if you could do a possible re-amp of Unturned since its popular on steam atm. Thank you
  8. NetherFearWare

    [REQ] Multiwinia

    Title: [REQ] Multiwinia Platform: Steam - Product price: 9,99€ - $10-$11 USD Features: Boxes drop chance for "you" (100% chance that a box is droped to your base), Insta collect up (Boxes), spawning Multiwinia's(?) (enemys and own), spawning boxes that...
  9. M

    [Req] Seraph

    Could you please make a trainer for Seraph Seraph is a super-slick, skill-based, acrobatic shooter. Take the role of an angel who's mastered the art of 'Gun Fu' as she battles her way through hordes of twisted demons. Trainer: Add 100 Shards Easy Crafting Easy kills platform : pc...
  10. AstroFuzz

    Interstellar Marines

    Lots of fun single-player challenges in this game. Would like to see unlimited health, and unlimited ammo.
  11. fabtje12

    [REQ] From The Depths

    SOFTWARE: PRODUCT PRICE: €19.99 FEATURES: inf.materials, godmode, undestructable, inf.skillpoints, no reload OR SOFTWARE: PRODUCT PRICE: Cheapest + 100% = $7.81 (Price will...