spore outdated

  1. B

    Spore trainer

    Thank you for all of your trainers they are amazing. If possible it would be amazing if you updated your spore trainer, if not that is perfectly fine. Keep up the amazing work!
  2. TheComradeDog

    [Update Trainer] Spore

    As it currently stands the trainer does not work in the newer versions of spore, so please update it as soon as possible to you, thank you. Options: Inf.Health Inf.Resources Inf.Budget Inf.DNA Inf.Food
  3. ACTryhard

    [Spore] Trainer outdated

    Hi everyone! ^^ I love this game, and the existing trainer is outdated :( - is it possible update this trainer? (Origin & Steam version) ► Current trainer version: v. 1.2.0 (+4 trainer) ► Current version of the game: v. 1.05.0001/1.06 - Ideas: Unlock All Badges Unlimited Complexity Cell Stage...