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  1. MrSkaizo

    Guns of Icarus Alliance Giveaway [Humble] [Ended]

    Guns of Icarus Alliance Details Store Page: Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation Developer: Muse Games Publisher: Muse Games Release Date: 31 Mar, 2017 Language(s): English Operating system(s): Features Multi-player Online Multi-Player...
  2. sokittoya76

    Mirrors Edge

    I know this is an oldie but I have never been able to find a working trainer for steam version that gives infinite health or freezes enemies so those pesky cops can let me enjoy the free running. I have tried soooo many things i.e. editing the input files but to no avail... I even had a dabble...
  3. Exonica

    Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

    This is quite a loved space game from a while back that im glad has been put on steam but also has some troublingly hard missions an used to be very hard to do something about due to having to extract all the game files before could mod them and now its on steam id love for there to be some sort...
  4. Ashmic

    (REQ) Life Is Hard

    Software: Steam Steam Link: Price: 7.99 (on sale right now at 7.19) USD Features: unlimited Health or something to that nature. And Maybe unlimited Logs and Stone and Ore (and the rest of the items) But Mostly Just Unlimited Health for Workers. (and if...
  5. I

    [REQ]Bully: Scholarship Edition

    Please could you make a trainer for the steam version of bully. I want to get it next month and it would make my day if you made a Bully scholarship edition steam trainer Thanks :D you are awesome MrAntiFun